Human Wellness & Recuperation Methods
Experience a way of life that complements virtually any culture, belief system and life stage!Human Wellness and Recuperation is a complete healthy living program based on the human anatomy. It brings healing directly to the parts of the body that are weak and helps to drive out many kinds of chronic illnesses and is key in the prevention of acute infections.This program incorporates inner-outer extension and conservation training. It utilizes the body’s inner energy (qi) and external force. There is no need for medication or injections and there are no side effects. It represents considerable savings in terms of medical expenses. There are hundreds of benefits.This is an ideal way to help you achieve a more healthy disease free Life.Our programs are designed to balance the body, alleviate acute and chronic health conditions, complement medical treatment and promote better fitness, vitality, and increased well-being!



OCT  27 2019


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OCT  27 2019

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Human Potential & Martial Arts Programs
The human body is limited by structure and physiology – there are only so many ways we can move. Skill in any martial art depends on thorough study and mastery of basic principles and skills. By understanding and developing a strong and highly coordinated body, we can move freely in the style or method that best suits our needs or interests.Our foundation training, with curriculum derived from both Northern and Southern styles of Kung Fu, is largely based upon Chinese Five-Element theory. According to this, every human motion corresponds to one of five fundamental types of movement, directions, forces, balance points, and so on. By applying these principles, we develop sound body mechanics, balance, coordination, and power generation capability.Go to a complete listing of Martial Arts Styles taught within the Chung Wah System


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