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Choy Lee Fut Style
Dragon Style
Eight Diagrams Palm Style
Eight Method/Extremities Style
Fanzi Fist
Form and Will Boxing
Hero Yan Ching’s Lost Track Boxing
Hung Gar Style
Lee Family Southern Way System
Lee Family Cha Style
Northern Chopping and Splitting Axe Hitch Style
Northern Shaolin Temple Style
Piercing Leg Kicking Style
Praying Mantis Styles
Southern Shaolin Style
Three Emperor’s Canon Fist
Through the Back Boxing
Tai Ji Quan
Wing Chun Style
Wudang Song Xi Internal Style
Xi Bei Drunken Immortal Style

There is no such thing as an ‘ultimate style’ of martial arts. The mere fact that the many styles have withstood the test of time confirms their merit and benefit. If a single best style existed, it would have long ago proven itself, rendering all other approaches obsolete, causing them to fall into discontinuation. The truth is, every style has strong as well as weak points.

“The best martial art for you is the one that can inspire you to dedicate your efforts towards self-improvement and find enjoyment through martial arts.”
Chung Wah Kung Fu International System

The following alphabetized list includes only those styles which contain comprehensive training methods and information to instructor level; criteria: at least one basic, intermediate and advanced level form in empty hand curriculum. Most often, each separate style encompasses several forms at all levels of study, as well as specialty training, chi kung, fighting sets, weaponry and so on. Some styles are not included in this list because they fall short of our requirements, but are offered within our various programs as optional or supplementary study areas.

The following is a brief description of each of the styles in our System. For your learning and information, we provide the English, Mandarin and Cantonese spellings.

This site is under development. We are planning to include curriculum outlines and other important information as well. Thank you for your patience!

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