Shaolin Temple Program

The official Kung Fu Training Program of the famous Shaolin Temple martial art monks is here for you to learn!

  • Curriculum derived from the authentic Shaolin Temple, Henan, Songshan, China.
  • Program taught by Master Lee Chi Wai (Shi De Wei), official 31st generation Shaolin warrior monk.
  • The only kung fu program officially endorsed and authorized by the Songshan Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk Training Centre in China.
  • The only program able to offer discipleship and advanced study opportunities.
  • Open to men and women, this is the only program created, authorized and recognized by the one and only Shaolin Temple in China.
  • This is a two-year program with opportunities for advanced studies and continuing education.


Upon completion of the two-year program, a select group of one hundred individuals will have the opportunity to travel to China for a short-term visit. Here, they will attend training seminars, final examination and graduation ceremonies wherein they will become official disciple representatives of the Shaolin Temple, receiving official Shaolin Temple ID card and certificate.

Please contact us for more information regarding the Shaolin program.