The roots of lion dancing run deep in traditional Chinese martial arts training. In traditional Chinese martial arts, the end result of training is greater than the sum of the parts. Coordination and integration of the body and mind are key to attaining true mastery. Without this focus, the depth of one’s attainments is only superficial.

This program develops essential skills for the lion dance, while deriving many health benefits, as the entire body is exercised, increasing in strength, fitness and vitality.

Concise and Comprehensive

The foundation training methods emphasize single movement skills along with rudimentary combined routines. In this way, teachers will find instruction manageable and enjoyable, allowing easy learning and consolidation by beginner students.

The specific warm-up protocol is done systematically, not only preparing the body for optimal performance in exercise and preventing injury, but also as a means of long-term body strengthening and joint protection.

Other components include total body flexibility training to increase the range of functional motion and refine muscle strength and elasticity of tendons and ligaments. Leg flexibility training and swing kicks enhance balance, stamina and mobility.

Footwork and stances train the practitioner to achieve a state of strength and balance in both static and dynamic posture, covering the five principle balance points of even, forward, receding, turning and single point. The jumping exercises develop explosive, spring like agility.

Lion dance strengthening and condition training develops specialized skills used in the lion dance. These specific skills develop body harmony, endurance and strength to perform the highly stylized movements of the lion. All skills are used in a concerted manner in the art of lion dancing.


Martial Foundation Training

I. Injury Prevention and Warm-Up Training
a. Warm-up and Cool-down

II. Stretching and Flexibility Training
a. Total Body Flexibility Training: Upper, Middle and Lower Body.
b. Leg Stretches
c. Swing Kick Exercises

III. Stance and Footwork Training
a. Stance Training
b. Footwork Training

IV. Jumping Training
a. Jumping Training

Lion Dance Strengthening and Conditioning Training

I. Upper Body Lion Head Control and Movement

II. Lower Body Stance and Footwork