Actively Promoting Culture


The Chung Wah Kung Fu System promotes Chinese martial arts in Canada and throughout the world.

Programs run a full spectrum from traditional martial arts, lion and dragon dancing, self-defense, to health and wellness and medical related topics. We’re continually developing and refining our programs.


Lion and Dragon Dancing

Chung Wah’s teaching materials and programs have been incorporated into many training programs around the world. A keynote example is the Venezuelan National Law Enforcement Training Academy.

The Ontario York Region School Board requested Master Lee to design special traditional Kung Fu and lion dancing programs for use in the Ontario education system curriculum! Currently, several schools in the Toronto area are training teachers in the new Kung Fu and lion dancing curriculum programs! Inter-scholastic lion dance exhibitions and competitions are expected developments within the next few years.

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Long-term goals of the Chung Wah System are to train qualified individuals to become System representatives for the ongoing teaching, research and promotion of Chinese martial arts. We wish to establish a major centre of study and research in North America, and to promote the value of martial arts as part of the education system. Our recent achievements have taken us a big step toward these goals!


A Shaolin disciple, Master Lee is a North American Shaolin liaison, facilitating smooth travels for the teams and ensuring the reputation of Shaolin is maintained by its overseas hosts.


Taught at our major branches, the Shaolin diploma program is yet another way Chung Wah promotes authentic Chinese martial arts to the world!

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Our websites are still in the infancy stage but already contain a lot of information. We plan to develop these sites, working toward on-line instruction and martial arts equipment sales.

Our lion dance education program was recently televised in Toronto. We’re also are planning a full line of videos for reference and distance learning!

Professional publication is an exciting new step for us and we have many projects in store for the future! Within the past year, we have produced school curriculum manuals for traditional Kung Fu and lion dancing, training manuals for qi gong health and wellness, and are anxiously awaiting a forthcoming book by Master Lee, Human Potential Martial System. The 800-page book will first published in Hong Kong, however plans are being considered for English as well as several European languages!


Performing is an important way we promote our System and Chinese martial arts.

Our demo teams are extremely popular and have performed for famous celebrities, dignitaries, premiers and prime ministers, and our neighbours from all over the world! A recent honour included her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Community and volunteer work is a significant opportunity to give something back to the community. Over the year, our teams do dozens and dozens of charity, community and multicultural performances and lion dances.


For the past several years, we have produced, directed and performed a special ongoing performance series to educate the public called, ‘This is Kung Fu’.

Combining traditional Kung Fu and story lines, ‘This is Kung Fu’ is the first project of its kind to feature high calibre, authentic, traditional arts, combined with a strong moral message to convey a deeper philosophical meaning of Chinese martial arts.

A full theatrical production, the series makes use of stage, lighting, sound, music, special effects, ‘This is Kung Fu’ holds meaning and enjoyment for everyone, young and old!

We intend to do a series of nine unique, interrelated productions. The purpose of our series is to:

  1. Clarify the longstanding misconceptions of martial arts as merely physical sport, competition or aggressive violence.
  2. Raise public consciousness of the true meaning of martial arts and martial arts morals and ethics.
  3. Utilize martial arts as a vehicle to educate in moral values.
  4. Elevate martial arts to a higher professional class and artistic refinement.
  5. Involve and support Canadian multicultural ideals.
  6. Bring an understanding or martial thinking into the everyday as a way of life.

As recognition of our commitment and hard work, we are the first martial arts-based organization to be inducted into the Performing Arts Council of Ontario.


Traditional Kung Fu, full contact fighting and lion dancing are a friendly, enjoyable and positive opportunity for students to test their skills. Our students consistently claim top honours at martial arts competitions and lion dance competitions world-wide.


cwsa The Chung Wah Kung Fu Student Association (CWSA) functions to unite all members, facilitating in the sharing of ideas, training tips, building friendship, and furthering the promotion of the Chung Wah Kung Fu System and its goals.A newsletter, published three to four times annually, contains essential information regarding theory, philosophy, and training to help all students to improve their understanding and skill level. In addition, the newsletter is filled with fun and informative articles on a wide range of topics.


We are the only organization to have a successful cultural exchange program with China whereby top masters, teachers and performers from such disciplines as martial arts, performing arts, medicine, qi gong and so on, are brought together to exchange knowledge, skills and friendship.

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