Our System represents the pinnacle of Chinese martial arts. We are not limited to a single methodology or philosophy. Some schools specialize in one or two styles, and these names are reflected in the name of the school. As the System’s founder, Master Sifu Lee Chi Wai, studied under more than one master, it would be impossible to show this honored connection to their respective lineages in a single name! Furthermore, it was not Master Lee’s intention to use his own family name to represent the System. Our System stands to promote Chinese martial arts. We have done, and continue to do, much research on both tradition and modern science.

When you look at the name of our System, you can see this principle of honoring all kung fu, its practice and the ongoing pursuit of excellence through martial arts is maintained.

Chung Wah is the Cantonese spelling of Zhong Hua. Zhong means ‘middle’. Here it is a short form for ‘Middle Country’, or ‘China’. Hua means ‘the glory, splendor, or essence of’. Chung Wah (Zhonghua) is a classical and scholarly term to denote China, its culture and traditions. Wu is the character for martial, the martial arts and their practices. This was explained in detail on the previous section on the System’s Logo. Xue means ‘to study or learn’. Together, these two characters refer not just to a system of martial arts Shu), but a unified, diverse System of comprehensive study that goes beyond martial technique.

These characters appear frequently throughout our System; on publications, letters, uniforms and so on. The main headquarters, located in Ontario, is called the Chung Wah Kung Fu International Research Centre. , Individual branches also bear the first four characters to signify their connection to one another.

It may be said that the entire Chung Wah System and the ideals it stands for are represented in our school logo. Comprised of three symbols, a profound meaning is derived when they are united.

This meaning is intimately connected with the underlying theories of gung fu and the various martial philosophies and techniques, and should be kept in mind as one pursues learning.