Our School Logo

I. Wu: This word, meaning war, martial, or military, represents military traditions, theories, philosophies and the ideals of martial arts. Wu is a paradox, comprised of two words:

The right upper portion is a radical which pertains to violence or fighting. The left lower part means to stop. Thus, the character, ‘Wu’, represents the true meaning of martial arts: to stop violence, or conflict. Similarly, the true martial artist learns to deal with and prevent conflict in both their environment and within themselves in the most peaceful way.

II. The large, round symbol is from Chinese philosophy, and is called Yin (black) and Yang (white), which together, represent the fundamental forces of nature.

The physical world is comprised of energy. This energy is in constant flow, represented by the circle made of the interconnected shapes of Yin and Yang. This circle is also known as the Taiji Great Ultimate or Extremity) diagram. All manifestations, cycles and changes in the universe may be represented through this symbol. As day cannot exist without night, male without female, up without down, action and rest, death and rebirth all depend upon one another for existence.

The color of the logo is black and white, symbolizing the balance between yin and yang and our ever-present struggle to differentiate and choose between good and bad.

In short, Yin and Yang in the Taiji symbol represent the natural balance and constant change in all things. By understanding the principles of Yin and Yang, one may find Dao, ‘the Way’…a path to understanding life.

This Taiji symbol, superimposed over Wu (martial), represents the life of martial arts, its change, its ideals, and the path of learning one may take towards self-improvement and understanding.

III. Placed in the centre of the large Taiji symbol is a smaller Taiji. This represents the unique personal balance in life we all must strive to find, using martial arts as one of the ways to achieve our goal.

The entire Chung Wah System Logo may be represented in the phrase, The deepest meaning of these concepts may only be discovered through sincere and diligent effort, as one learns to apply the principles of gung fu to their daily living.