1. Your study should be broad and diversified. Do not limit yourself in any way. This principle may be compared to your stance which moves easily in many directions.
  2. Examine and question. Ask yourself why gung fu works. This principle reflects your sensitivity and awareness, receptive and cognizant of that which eludes others.
  3. Be deliberate and careful in your thinking. Use your mind to discover the proper understanding. This principle reflects an understanding of power.
  4. Clearly examine, separate concepts distinctly, then make a decision upon the proper course of action. This principle reflects the continuous motion of gung fu.
  5. Practice sincerely. This principle reflects Heaven and Earth, the infinite and eternal.

Success is gained through painstaking labour.
Techniques are mastered step by step.
Action must be in harmony, clear and natural.
Proper food and rest are important.
Pride and Despair will stop your Improvement.
A skilful martial artist is not violent. An able fighter does not rage.
Discipline the body, control the mind, eradicate bad habits.