Master Lee Chi Wai

Master Lee Chi Wai is a world-class martial artist and instructor. He is the disciple of nine different masters of legendary Kung Fu styles originating from all over China, and a 31st generation Shaolin Temple warrior monk disciple.

Born in Hong Kong, Master Lee’s Kung Fu training began at an early age when his grandfather introduced him to qin na , the seizing and locking art Kung Fu. He later learned Praying Mantis styles and his family style, known as the Lee Family Southern Way System. He later specialized in the internal style of Chuojiao-Guiyuanquan. Throughout his life, he has remained dedicated to the study and promotion of Chinese martial arts.
sifulee_headMaster Lee is proficient in over eighteen styles of traditional Northern and Southern Kung Fu. He is the official world representative of the Chuojiao-Guiyuan System and the Lee Family Southern Way Fist. In addition, he is one of only seven authorized instructors of Tai Chi Plum Flower Praying Mantis and the only North American authority on the Way of Internal Wellness Qigong System and the Tai Yi Daoist Qigong System .

A master of traditional Chinese medicine, Master Lee descends from an extensive lineage of martial and medical practitioners within his own family tree. He is the sixth generation representative of his ancestral commitment to the practice of holistic natural treatments and herbal medicine.

Initially residing in Regina, Saskatchewan , Master Lee later relocated to Mississauga, Ontario , opening the Chung Wah Kung Fu International Research Centre, to further promote Chinese martial arts.

Master Lee is often requested by many different organizations as a guest instructor, and is frequently invited back to the far East, United States and Europe for instruction, performances and competitions, and to give his highly acclaimed and insightful lectures.

Master Lee regularly runs continuing education programs for health care professionals to increase their knowledge in Traditional Chinese wellness, qi gong, and other healing methods. He is dedicated to the research, development and promotion of martial arts in Canada and throughout the world.

Today, Master Lee operates from his headquarter location in Mississauga where he teaches the Chung Wah Kung Fu Martial Art System and offers treatments in holistic therapy, osteopathy, energy work, herbal fire treatment and natural medicine.


2002 (Malaysia): 5th International Traditional Kung Fu Masters Performance and Championship, and Moonlight Dragon Dance and Lion Dance Invitational Tournament: Gold Medals Traditional Hand Forms and Special Weapons.

2001 (Taibei): International Lion and Dragon Dancing Kung Fu Championship, Famous Kung Fu Masters Championship: Gold Medal Special Weapons.

2001: Selected by World Kobudo Federation as ‘International WKF Master of Combat’. Master Lee represents Chinese martial arts and is one of nine elite masters chosen to represent different classical martial disciplines.

2000 (China): By the abbot’s request, Master Lee was chosen and made an official 31st generation Shaolin warrior monk disciple, named Shi De Wei. Master Lee has been put in charge of representing the Shaolin Temple and its official curriculum in North America.

2000 (Hong Kong): 3rd Annual International Kung Fu Masters Performance and Championship: Gold Medal Special Weapons, Gold Medal Northern Style Kung Fu.

1999 (Venezuela): National Honour of Merit Award for Contribution and Research in Martial Arts. Master Lee is the first outside of Venezuela to ever receive this rank. At this time, the Venezuelan national armed forces adopted portions of Master Lee’s program into their training.

1999 (Venezuela): Federation of Chinese Martial Arts Awarded Master Lee 7th degree black belt, declaring him the youngest recipient in their history.

1999: Listed 1999 publication: Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Experts Encyclopedia.


Founder, CEO

Chung Wah Kung Fu International Research Centre:
International Headquarters, Eastern Canadian Headquarters
President, Chief Instructor

Songshan Shaolin Martial Arts International Training Centre
Principal, Chief Instructor

Chung Wah-Shaolin International Training Centre
President, Chief Instructor

Chung Wah Kung Fu Overseas Research Centre (Saskatchewan):
Western Canadian Headquarters

Chung Wah Wushu World of Martial Arts Supplies, Canada
CEO, National Manager

Canadian Chung Wah Martial Wellness Ltd.
CEO, National Manager



International Wu Xue (Martial Arts) Federation
President, Canadian Representative

World Kobudo Martial Arts Federation
Chinese Martial Arts International Representative

Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu (Martial Arts) Federation (CCKSF)

Canadian Martial Arts Games Committee (CMGC)

Shanxi Wushu College
Honourary Principal

Zhanjiang Martial Arts School of Songshan Shaolin Temple
Honourary Principal

Jiangxi Anfu Wushu Vocational School, China
Honourary Principal

World Federation Dragon and Lion Dance, Hong Kong
Honourary Advisor

Huang Fei Hong Lion Dance and Kung Fu Centre
Martial Arts Honourary Advisor

International Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Association
Vice President

International Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut Association
Vice President

Chui Gong Yuen Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut Federation
Vice Chairman

Foshan Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut Institute
Lifetime Member, Honourary President


International Shaolin Damo Qigong Training Centre
Overseas Representative and Advisor, Instructor

Shaolin Zen System of Health and Longevity Qigong
North American Representative

Tai Yi Daoist Qigong Association, Canada
President, North American Representative

Way of Internal Wellness Qigong System
North American Representative

Ancient Chinese Academy School for Advanced Studies in TCM
President, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Specialist

World Chinese Medicine and Herbs United Association
Certified Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Not registered in ONTARIO) and Qi Gong

Hong Kong Chinese Herbalists Association Ltd.
Permanent Member: Certified Osteologist, Acupuncturist

The Kowloon Chinese Herbalists Association Ltd.
Permanent Member: Certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Not registered in ONTARIO)

Shaolin Osteopathy Martial Wellness Centre
Chinese Medical Physician, Osteologist, Acupuncturist not registered in ONTARIO