Frequently Asked Questions

 A: We use modern teaching methods with a similar structure to an education system. Five Training Levels/Grades Modular Task-Oriented Classes You choose your courses Course Load-Proportional Fees CertificationQ: How do you structure your Kung Fu Programs?LEARNING STEP BY STEP

Q: What are modular task-oriented classes?

A: Based on one hour, these are intensely focused learning sessions. Each class day covers different material, similar to a university curriculum. The structure of the class is based on scientific research to maximize learning efforts. Classes run for three-month terms.

Q: What are course load-proportional fees?

A: You choose your courses and like a college or university, your tuition is proportional to the number of classes you want to study. This is another way we work with your needs and goals.

Q: What types of certificates will I receive?

A: You will receive a certificate each time you pass a class. You will also receive a certificate of training level completion when you pass each final examination, and a certificate of program completion on graduation.

Q: What opportunities are there with Chung Wah’s connections?

A: besides inner enjoyment and personal growth, you can open up career opportunities as a teacher.

You may wish to travel abroad one day. Our curriculum is recognized by the International Wu Xue (Martial Arts) Federation. Graduates of our program may also continue their studies abroad, as we are affiliated with several university martial art faculties in China, as well as the Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountain. We are also strongly connected to several different traditional kung fu styles and federations for formal and informal study and training opportunities.

Q: How is the Children’s Kung Fu Program structured?

A: With five Training Levels/Grades, like the Adult Kung Fu Program (see the previous chart), the curriculum is specially designed for children, to maximize their physical development. The training also helps with memory, concentration and focus. Children learn respect and discipline in a fun, safe environment. Start your child as young as five. When children graduate from the program, they enter Intermediate Martial Training Level of the Adult Kung Fu Program.

Q: What do I learn in the Introductory Martial Training Level?

A: The Introductory Martial Training Level (Entry Level) prepares you for study in classical Chinese martial arts by introducing rudimentary concepts and techniques inherent to all styles of Chinese martial arts, such as kicking, punching, stances, footwork, and forms training. Emphasis is placed on flexibility and proper body mechanics development, for it is these essential skills which will not only begin to form the foundation for the individual’s martial training but are key to over one’s health. Learn this material well and your kung fu will be good.

Serious martial artists always go back to their basics, continually refining and perfecting.

As a house relies on a strong foundation, this is one of the most important steps you will go through in all of your martial arts training. Regardless of your long-term martial arts goals, this step will help to ensure you reach them.

After six months you go on to Grade 1. Looking back six months, you may notice that you’ve really have come a long way!

Q: What do I learn in Foundation Martial Training Level/Grade 1 and Basic Martial Training Level/Grade 2?

A: Based on both Northern and Southern styles, these next two levels train you in depth on all aspects of the principle skills and concepts in kung fu. An impressive repertoire of hand forms and weapons may be acquired.

As flexibility and fluidity of motion are consolidated, you then focus on a systematic strengthening program to develop power, speed and timing. With these invaluable skills, essential to all martial arts, you are able to gain experience in practical application and sparring, joint locking, and weaponry.

You may also gain experience in various other important traditional aspects of Chinese martial training, including special equipment and apparatus training, lion dancing training, as well as the rudimentary principles of martial philosophy and internal training (qigong).

Q: What do I learn in Intermediate Martial Training Level/Grade 3?

A: The Intermediate Martial Training Level focuses on combat application. This level trains you in a step by step manner to develop the theory and skills which pertain to both technique and practical application of authentic classical combat techniques. This includes street defense and environmental awareness methods, grappling, throwing, sweeping and locking skills, as well as sport-oriented and competitive aspects which range from non-touch point sparring to continuous full-contact in empty hand, multiple attacker, and weapons formats.

In addition, you will begin to specialize in one of the Eight Primary Divisions of empty hand forms. (This is further discussed in the Categorizing Styles of Chinese Martial Arts section).

Q: What do I learn in Advanced Martial Training Levels/Grades 4, 5?

A: Here, one pursues an in-depth study of numerous empty hand and weapon sets, all from the rich and diverse lineage of classical kung fu styles. It is here that the individual may pursue a particular branch of the martial arts which best suits his or her interests and abilities.

Learning the very best of beginner through advanced level forms, study is specialized according to the Eight Primary Divisions of empty hand forms.

Q: I really want to learn the complete (your favorite) style of kung fu. Is there a chance for me to do so?

A: Specialized study in over twenty classical styles is possible, including Bagua, Dragon, Mantis, Choi Lei Fat, Hung Gar, Northern Shaolin, Southern Shaolin, and more. This study requires extra effort and is done over and above the curriculum requirements. For a listing of the styles you can learn beginner to advanced levels in, please see Appendix A, found at the back of this booklet.

Q: How can I become an instructor?

A: After you graduate from the Adult Kung Fu Program, there are three ways to become an instructor of the Chung Wah Kung Fu System:

Instructor (Grade 6): specialize in one to three of the Eight
Primary Divisions of empty hand combat. (See Section on Categorizing Styles of Chinese Martial Arts.)
Instructor (Grade 6): specialize in at least one complete style of kung fu.
Head Instructor (Grades 7 & 8): specialize in at least four of the Eight Primary Divisions of empty hand combat.
You can channel your learning towards your interests, becoming an instructor for our System.

Deeper Knowledge, Better Skill
Teach the Next Generation
Career Opportunities

Q: Are there levels beyond the Instructor Training Level?

A: Yes, in professional levels of study. (You can see these illustrated in Appendix B.)