Frequently Asked Questions

A: Kung Fu itself is a type of philosophy which one applies to their martial learning as well as their daily living. Furthermore, Chinese martial arts have been strongly influenced by historical, astrological, medical, philosophical and religious teachings, serving as the ethical guidelines for martial techniques, mental training and principles of living and conduct for the kung fu practitioner.Q: How is philosophy related to kung fu?BASIC PHILOSOPHY

By studying these precepts, insight may be gained on the Chinese culture and its martial arts. When these teachings are fully understood by the kung fu student, correct moral conduct and proper etiquette will naturally develop. Furthermore, he or she will gain a positive outlook on martial training as well as his or her daily encounters in life.

Q: What types of philosophy do we focus on in the system?

A: Major focus of philosophical study include theories from Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Chinese Martial Arts History and Philosophy and Classical Chinese Military Strategy.

Q: If fighting is bad, then why do we learn to fight?

A: In learning about conflict, we learn how to avoid it. Skills are one thing, but a great warrior has the wisdom to prevent conflict, and the confidence not to fight in the face of adversity.

Q: I keep seeing a certain Chinese character associated with different martial arts. What does it mean?

A: Many martial arts use the Chinese symbol Wu, meaning ‘war, martial, or military’, to represent the military traditions, theories, philosophies and ideals of martial arts.

This character represents the true meaning of martial arts. The right half is a radical which pertains to violence or fighting. The left half means ‘to stop’. Thus, the true meaning of martial arts: to stop violence, or conflict. Understanding this, the true martial artist learns to deal with and prevent conflict in both their environment and within themselves in the most peaceful way.

From this short discussion on basic philosophy, you can see there is great meaning to learning martial arts.