Frequently Asked Questions

A: None of our branches use air conditioning during training time. There are two reasons for this. When you learn kung fu, you cannot hold the mentality that personal comfort is a priority. In doing so, you will not reach your potential.Q: Does your school have air conditioning I want to train in a comfortable environment.?QUESTIONS ON HEALTH AND TRAINING MARTIAL ARTS

Physiologically, the body responds much better if it is allowed to regulate its own temperature. Perspiring is one way the body does this. Air conditioning causes a significant difference in humidity and temperature with respect to the natural environment. This difference is too abrupt for the body’s energy to adjust naturally. This phenomenon is amplified when the individual moves between an air-conditioned and non-air conditioned environment, as well as significantly greater impact when they place their body under a stress load, such as exercise.

From a Chinese medical perspective, air conditioning is not natural in that it causes constriction of blood vessels and energy channels. While acceptable in moderation for daily activities such as work or driving in one’s car, this is not conducive to a proper warm-up, safe training or the building and circulation of one’s vital force, or Chi.

Over the long term, exercising under such conditions may have a negative affect on one’s health, promoting diseases such as rheumatic disorders, joint problems, weak muscles and connective tissues, and slowing healing of injuries.

Q: What about fans? Don’t they cool the air as well?

A: Yes, the major difference is that a fan is essentially circulating the temperature of the room. While one must avoid having the direct wind of the fan blowing on the body for the aforementioned reasons, a fan is generally not as negative an influence on the body’s energy circulation as air conditioning.

Q: When is the best time to train?

A: In today’s hectic lifestyle, we need to be flexible but committed. The more consistent and conscientious you train, the better your progress will be.

Q: Can I train outdoors in non-moderate weather?

A: If you only train on sunny days, you will fall short of your potential. Kung Fu is like a journey. You cannot walk only when the sun is shining. You must endeavor to work unceasingly every day of the year, on the hottest day of summer or the coldest day of winter, only then will the body be tempered into refined steel.

Seasonal changes and wide temperature ranges represent a natural state in our part of the world. Our body naturally adapts to climactic and environmental conditions over time. A seasonal change is gradual and the body is able to adapt. If there is an abrupt change in the weather over a relatively short time period (a few days), it may be too fast for the body to adapt. The result is that the body may be more susceptible to injury or illness at this time, until it is able to adjust on its own. Training must be moderated at these times to allow the body time to adjust.

A wise practitioner of martial arts does not train foolishly. He or she understands how to protect the body, keeping it protected from extreme heat and preventing dehydration, or by keeping the body warm while training in a cold environment. A general rule of thumb to remember is that we must seek balance in all areas. The body will perform better if it is not subject to extremes. If you are interested, you can learn more about health and martial arts training.