Frequently Asked Questions

A: Master Lee Chi Wai is responsible for developing this innovative System.Q: Who is the creator of the Chung Wah System?THE SYSTEM’S FOUNDER: MASTER SIFU LEE CHI WAI

Q: Did he make up his own styles?

A: No. The styles and exercises which you learn are all authentic, classical Chinese martial arts and training methods. He is responsible for unifying eight major systems, and over eighteen complete styles of kung fu into a cohesive, logical and scientific program. This system is the first in the world to combine such an extent of knowledge while systematically organizing the vast amount of information into a modern, scientific approach to learning.

Q: What styles does Master Lee specialize in?

A: Master Lee first started learning the locking art qin (chin) na from his grandfather. He studied Praying Mantis styles (Seven Star, Tai Chi and Plum Flower and his family style, known as the Lee Family Southern Way System . He later specialized in the internal style of Chuojiao-Guiyuanquan . His main studies were under eight top masters of famous kung fu styles in China. Throughout his life he has remained dedicated solely to the study and promotion of Chinese martial arts in Canada and throughout the world.

Q: What are Master Lee’s credentials?

A: Master Lee is proficient in over twenty styles of classical Northern and Southern kung fu. He is the official world representative of the Chuojiao-Guiyuan System and the Lee Family Southern Way Fist. In addition, he is one of only seven authorized instructors of Tai Chi Plum Flower Praying Mantis and the only authority on the Way of Internal Wellness Chi Kung System in North America. He also holds several prominent positions in national and international martial arts and traditional medical organizations.

Q: Does Master Lee know Chinese medicine as well?

A: Yes. Master Lee descends from an extensive lineage of traditional Chinese martial and medical practitioners and is heir to an esoteric health and healing system over six generations old. Chinese philosophy is integral in his teaching. Instruction in internal healing and Chinese herbal medicine are also included in his martial arts programs.