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We encourage you to continue investigating other schools. You need to be comfortable with what, where and how you are learning. If you are only curious and ‘window shopping’, but are not really interested in joining a martial art at this time, then you should not waste your time, or anyone else’s. Take the time to make a sound decision. It will be worth it in the long run.Is this the end, or is just the beginning for you? Now that you have finished reading this booklet, you should have a better idea of what both Kung Fu as well as our Chung Wah Gung Fu System are all about.CONCLUSION

Once Upon a Time:

It was Chinese New Year a grandfather and grandson went strolling in the village during the festivities. There were vendors selling food, performers in the street doing acrobatics, and lions dancing, accompanied the sounds of firecrackers, drums, cymbals to ring in the New Year. Everyone was busy, happily visiting, selling their wares or spending time with friends and family. As always, everywhere the two walked, everyone greeted the grandfather respectfully, wishing him and his family the best for the New Year.

The two came to the harbour where fireworks were being set off. It was a magnificent display. The grandson exclaimed, “Grandpa! Look how beautiful the fireworks are! They fly so high and shine so brightly! I wish I were like a firecracker. Everyone would know how good I am by my brilliance!” The grandfather only smiled but said nothing.

The two walked on and passed the markets in the distance, the great mountain dominated the landscape. “Grandpa! Look how big the mountain is! I want to grow up to be as strong as the mountain!”

“Grandpa, what would you like to be like?”

The grandfather replied, “The river”.

The boy was puzzled by the reply but was soon distracted as he noticed a large crowd gathered around, watching in amazement as a strongman was doing feats of incredible strength by lifting the weight of ten people. At that moment, a horse, spooked by the loud explosions, had broken free of its cart and was charging madly through the crowds, crashing through everyone in its path, headed right toward the boy and his grandfather. The boy was very frightened. Just as the horse was about to crash over him and his grandfather, he shut his eyes in fright.

Feeling a breeze by his side, the boy opened his eyes only to see his grandfather step towards the charging horse. He was amazed by the speed at which the old man could move. The grandfather only touched the horse with his hands, gently guiding it safely around his grandson as if it were a ball of cotton on the wind. Then, with his other hand, he caught the reins, and quickly brought the horse to a stop. Everyone around clapped and cheered in amazement and gratitude. Even the strongman realized that he had just seen something exceptional.

Later, back home, the grandson was outside cutting fresh vegetables for supper. Grandfather was trying to move a large stone in the yard but the stone was long and cumbersome for only one feeble old man to carry. The grandson was watching, amused at the struggles of his grandfather.

Holding back his laughter he said, “Grandpa, wait until father is home, then he can help you.”

“Bah! I’ll do it myself!” he said stubbornly. “But grandfather, you’re so old. You’ll never carry it!”

“Listen, young man, I’m 75 now. Five years ago I could carry a rock like that easily, but now I am getting old, it’s true. But you watch something…”

Grandfather rolled up his sleeves and stood like a pine tree. He focused himself while doing some breathing. “Is grandfather foolish enough to try to lift the rock?” Thought the grandson.

The grandfather turned towards the stone and raised his palm. “Haaa!” The sound exploded as grandfather shouted and his palm smashed down on the big rock.

Then there was silence. A second later, the stone groaned and fell into two, split right though the centre by grandfather’s iron palm. Speechless, the grandson only stared.

“Don’t just stand there looking like you never saw a couple of rocks before! Finish the vegetables then come help me clean up this rock!” The grandfather had a smile on his face like he knew some deep, special secret.

The boy ran over to his grandfather, “Grandfather, please tell me how you did that!”

“Hmmm, I see…maybe it’s time you learned about Kung Fu!” Then, the grandfather replied, “Heat, not the light, Softness is the strength, Diamond, not the coal”.

“I don’t understand, grandfather”.

“Its very simple. Its not the light given off by the flame that cooks our food, but the heat. The fireworks that you so admire are brilliant and bright, but lack any true power. When we concentrate the energy in a different way, we can make dynamite. This is the POWER of kung fu.

The mountain is strong and water is weak, but water adapts to any situation and in this way can overcome the mountain, wear it down or split it in two. In softness, there is strength. Understanding yin and yang, that is true STRENGTH of kung fu.”

The boy nodded, listening carefully.

“Facing obstacles, adversity and hardship is what tests and tempers your character. There is no escaping this if you want to be a truly magnanimous person. Kung fu teaches one how to build patience, endurance and dedication. Without these things you will never find success. Coal is common, but the diamond can only be made through time and effort. Being a diamond isn’t easy. Can you make it?” This is the VIRTUE AND MORALS of kung fu and is more precious than all the gold in the world.” The boy nodded, “Now I understand, grandfather.”

“No, you don’t. You only recognize now what you don’t know. You can only truly understand when you practice kung fu!” At this, the young boy realized a part of his grandfather he not seen before. He respectfully fell to his knees and bowed, “Grandfather, please teach me kung fu!”

An Analogy:

You are shopping for a new vehicle. This is like martial arts. There are many within your means. What do you choose? Are you moved by appearance, comfort, function, and performance? Don’t you shop around? Which car suites your needs? Most likely, you’ll drive the new car for at least another ten years. Or will you? Kung fu is unlike a car in that the more you drive it, the more its value grows. You can practice kung fu throughout your whole life.

What kind of car will you drive? What kind of food will you eat?

Kung Fu is not like other martial arts. If getting a black belt in the next three or four years is a high priority, then we wish you luck in your search. Kung fu is not the answer for you. Kung Fu means hard work. Kung Fu means time and energy. The theory of Kung Fu is that the learning is a lifelong endeavour. Without discipline and perseverance, don’t bother.

We live in a fast-paced society. Our money is important. We want the most for the least. However, time is even more precious, yet many people forget this and continually waste precious time of themselves and others.

In Chinese, there is a saying, “An inch of time is worth an inch of gold, but the inch of gold can never buy back the time.”

  • Which Martial Art Can Bring Out The Very Best In You?
  • Which Martial Art Is Worth Your Time?
  • Which Martial Art Will Reward You More Than Gold In Its Rewards For Your Efforts And Dedication?

Taking the First Step:

If you are sincerely interested in Kung Fu, come back and talk to us.

Let us know what you’re looking for and what you’re interested in. We’ll custom design a kung fu program just for you to fit your needs. Our professional, friendly instructors will start you off in the right direction!