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Piercing Leg Kicking Style (Choh Geuk Kuen/Chuojiaoquan)Praying Mantis Styles (several) (Tong Long Kuen/Tanglangquan)APPENDIX A: KUNG FU STYLES IN THE CHUNG WAH GUNG FU SYSTEM

  • Northern Shaolin Style (Sung San Siu Lam Ji Kuen/Songshanshaolinsiquan)
  • Cha Style Northern Boxing (Cha Moon Kuen/Chamenquan)
  • Xi Bei Traditional Kung Fu Style (Sai Bak Chuen Tung Kuen/Xibeichuantongquan)
  • Eagle Claw (Ying Jau Fan Ji Kuen/Yingzhuafanziquan)
  • Northern Chopping and Splitting Pi Gua Style (Pak Gwa Kuen/Piguaquan)
  • Great Ancestor Style (Taai Jo Kuen/Taizuquan)
  • Hero Yan Ching Lost Track Boxing (Yan Ching Mi Jung Kuen/Yanqingmizongquan)
  • Through the Back Boxing (Tung Bei Kuen/Tongbeiquan)
  • Eight Method/Extremities Boxing (Baat Gik Kuen/Bajiquan)
  • Lee Family Southern Way Fist System (Lei Si Naam Jung Kuen/Lishinanzongquan)
  • Southern Shaolin Style (Naam Siu Lam Kuen/Nanshaolinquan)
  • Hung Gar Style (Hung Ga Kuen/Hongjiaquan)
  • Choy Lee Fut Style (Choi Lei Fat/Cailifo)
  • Dragon Style (Lung Ying Kuen/Longxingquan)
  • Wing Chun Style (Wing Chun Kuen/Yongchunquan)
  • Southern Style Plum Flower Fist (Naam Pai Mooi Fah Kuen/Nanpaimeihuaquan)
  • Drunken Immortal Style (Jui Sin Kuen/Zuixianquan)
  • Chung Kai Internal Style (Jung Kai Pai Noi Ga Kuen/Songxipaineijiaquan)
  • Internal Elixir Tai Chi Style (Daan Lo Taai Gik Kuen/Danlutaijiquan)
  • Form and Will Boxing (Sing Yi Kuen/Xingyiquan)
  • Eight Diagrams Palm (Baat Gwa Jeung/Baguazhang)
  • Three Emperors Canon Fist (Sam Wong Paau Chui/Sanhuangpaochui)

Our criteria for listing in the aforementioned styles is that each must contribute at least one form from basic, intermediate and advanced levels of study, thus providing complete technical development potential for the given style.

As there are several other famous forms and sets from other styles of kung fu, not listed here, individuals should inquire regarding any areas of interest not indicated in this primary listing.