It is the most comprehensive and complete training course
available in North America.
Chung Wah Kung Fu offers all aspects of authentic and traditional Chinese martial arts, as well as several other specialized programs in self-defense, health and wellness and medical arts under my personal direction.The Chinese refer to the practice of martial arts as “kung fu”, signifying the successful attainment of an arduous task, requiring endless effort, time and energy. Although thousands of years old, the value of learning Kung Fu has not diminished. Kung Fu serves not only to develop the body, but also the mind and character of the individual. All aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are nurtured through the committed practice of Kung Fu.Thus, Kung Fu is a way to find personal balance, meaning and success in the rest of our life.

Regardless of your long-term goals, Kung Fu should lead you on a very rewarding journey. Our programs encourage varying interests from recreation and enjoyment to serious study leading towards professional certification.

While many of you may indeed become great martial artists, but it is my hope that all of you, through your effort and learning, will become truly great people.

Allow us to tailor a program suitable for you, either in martial arts or in health and wellness.
Please, do not hesitate to contact our centre.

Master Lee Chi Wai
Founder & CEO Chung Wah Kung Fu International System.

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We are proud that Chung Wah Kung Fu clubs are very community minded as these photos show, club members perform for the public in many different events and celebrations. This keeps us engaged with the community around us, it improves our performance skills, it promotes Chinese culture and it is lots of fun. Like to get involved contact us.
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